Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I know a lot of you must be thinking to yourself "How can I have a career in Yam Roll animation?" Ok, first of all, it's "Yamimation". Idiot. One of the ways we go about hiring new animators here is by having them attempt an animation test. They send us a resume and we say something along the lines of "Yes, very impressive. But can you do THIS?" and we instruct them to create a short of Yam Roll doing a fancy dive into a swimming pool. One of these entries really stood out and the person responsible for it is now writing this very blog. I think the execs had a hard time deciding between Animation Director or Blog Master. Did they make the right choice? View the clip and decide for yourself!

Yam Roll Animation Test


Blogger Yam Roll said...

I can't believe nobody has said anything about this! LOOK AT IT! It's absolutely breathtaking!!!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Zeats said...

I think they made the right call making you the blog meister. Haha.

2:20 PM  

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