Friday, September 08, 2006

Behind the Backgrounds... How Oxymoronic!

Wait... or do I mean Ironic? I don't know. But it sure is weird. Anyway, how's everybody dooooin?? Good. As implied by the title of this post, I have a rough BG drawing to show you. This is the kind of large BG you will find in the rough storyboards. AUsome huh? (See last post to understand spelling error) See how the scale of the drawing captures the terrifying peril that Tamago is faced with? Try to keep from peeing your pants as you look at it. Or at least throw down some towels first...


Blogger CarolineJarvis said...

I caught Yam Roll on CBC this morning..... whoa my bageeezuz I thought I was on drugs.... it's quite possible I was still drunk from the night before but man..... this is the most entertaining cartoon I've seen in ages! Freaking hilarious! Great job... can't wait to see more!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Breadwig said...

Really diggin' the art for Yam Roll, dig dig dig i say. But I don't get CBC, so all that remains is a faint but persistent nagging in the recesses of my meager brain saying, "you can't see Yam Roll, nya mya." You put that into my thinker man. Take it back, please.

11:36 PM  

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