Thursday, September 07, 2006

Preliminary Storyboard Designs

Hey hey! Thursday, September 7th, eh? That's gotta mean something to somebody... I'll just toss a "happy birthday!" and maybe a "happy anniversary!" or even a little "sorry about your dog :(" out there in case. In the case of option #3, maybe this will cheer you up. I give to you a scanned image of a sticky note showing very early and rough sketches of episode 39A: "Par for the Course". Absolute AU! (AU is, of course the chemical symbol for gold. You kiddies are gonna want to go ahead and start spreading that slang around. Drop it like it's hot, ya know?) This will give you a pretty good sample of what peaking into Jon Izen's ear with a microscope will display. Ditto for our storyboard director, Billy Zeats. These guys literally think in storyboard panels! Isn't that wild?! And don't you love when people use the word "literally" in the context of an obviously implausible situation? Meh. Just try and stop me!


Anonymous Pete Emslie said...

Hey, I've got another cool idea. How about we refer to this stuff as "FEWLZ AU"!
Now the CBC programming execs may think they've hit the mother lode with "Yam Roll", but personally I think they just got the shaft. Our Canadian tax dollars at work indeed....

12:43 PM  
Anonymous mr i said...

Hey Pete
What a zinger! Ouch :) hahahaha.
But seriously, we appreciate all comments, and understand that not everyone has an understanding of original, unconventional design and great writing. Take it easy sir, and thanks for spending the extra time to find our blog and send us your feelings.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Emslie
It seems by your guestbook that you are an instructor? I find it very irresponsible of you as a teacher or an artist, for that matter, to disrespect any form of design. Shouldn't you be teaching that all design has it's validities, so that when you send your students out into the world they will be prepared and able to take on any design project. Anything less is a failure as a mentor or teacher... and why bother going to a site just to flame it?
Teacher indeed... we'd all still be in the trees if you were in charge. You sir, are a dictionary definable idiot.

To the moderator:
I suggest that this whole negative thread be pulled, so as only positive fun need be read. I doubt the idiot ever comes back to see it anyway. Kill his link to his site at least.


3:37 PM  
Blogger Yam Roll said...

Hey Anonymous, I like your style. You got my back in the after school fight? ZIIIIIIING

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Pete Emslie said...

In response to Mr. "Anonymous" (who apparently is too cowardly to post with an actual identity):

First of all I disagree with your statement that "all design has its validities". For starters, not everything is a "design" in the truest sense. The "design" of "Yam Roll", such as it is, is indistinguishable from the "designs" that were sent in by the young kids who apparently enjoy this show. If anybody of any age including kids under the age of ten can draw characters in this "style", is it really a valid design style to begin with? In my opinion it is not.

My opinion, for the record, is based on more than 25 years working in this field of character illustration. I posted the link to my website because I let the work speak for itself. I don't expect everyone to love my art either, but I believe it shows a professionalism and craftsmanship that is sadly missing in what often passes for art in this day and age.

I also happen to believe that the only way we can continue to create great art is to be more discerning in what we see. If we don't we risk making a mockery of the very idea of art and artists, having thrown away any system by which to assess their talents. Quite honestly, after watching several episodes of "Yam Roll", I do not see any great value in its "unconventional design". No more value or art, I suspect, than a music conductor might find in some young kid banging on a tin can, though perhaps you, Mr. Anonymous", and the designers of "Yam Roll" might herald such a sound as "unconventional" music.

Anyway, since I get the strong impression that only cheerleaders of the show and not voices of dissent are welcome in the Happy Happy Kingdom despite the moderator's claim to the contrary, I will not likely post here again, having had my say. However, in closing, I would like to leave you with this thought. The only thing more naked than an emperor without clothes, is a yam roll sans soy sauce. Cheers!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Yam Roll said...

Are you kidding me? I LOVE that you're here! This is very entertaining stuff. Keep your opinions coming! However, I think it's a little hypocritical to say you feel unwelcome just because someone disagrees with your comments on account of the fact that you are disagreeing with our entire show style. And quit thinking about me naked, ya big perv!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Stephen Worth said...

Here are some links to information on storyboarding you might find useful...

Chad's Design for Television

Thumbnail boards for The Alvin Show (1961)

Stimpy's Invention Storyboard Segment

Hope you find these useful.

Stephen Worth
Animation Archive

5:47 PM  
Anonymous mr i said...


Thanks for the links. Very cool stuff!
Just so you don't fall off your seat...the posted drawings are from a Post It on my desk...not actual thumbs for the show. Just me thinking. I actually got my storyboarding education at AKA Cartoon from Danny Antonucci, and the crew over there.
Thanks again for the links

10:01 PM  
Blogger mike g said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Matt Wilson said...

I would rather look at Yam Roll's designs than any of yours, Pete. GENERIC, GENERIC, GENERIC. Is that what it takes to be an instructor? Way to take a cheap shot at hard working artists on Cartoon Brew. Go to hell.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous jon gray said...

I'm sorry but...Mr. Emslie, what?

For a teacher you come across as being very closed minded and that disturbs me a bit.

I have to admit that I have to wait to actually see the show in actual before I can make any final judgements, but from what very little I have seen it looks nice.

By no means is your artwork ugly but...It's not really anything that I haven't seen before. Thats partly why and many other people whom I've discussed yam roll with like it. There's such a thing as being simple VS being simplistic and Yam Roll while VERY SIMPLE has some charm to its style. Its style is not EVERYONES cup of tea sure, but isn't differeng styles and the illusion of life and varying art the point of animation? I don't think that its very fair or right (and to be honest it makes you come off as more than just a little bit pretentious) to comment on yam roll the way the way that you are doing so.

You seem like that type of person who lumps all foreign animation like anime into one category because of the 'crazy faces and wonky eyes' without realizing that there's a lot of garbage, regurgitated stock, and quality material on BOTH sides of the pond. I'm not saying you have to like everything (I know I darn sure don't), but to knock it the way you are makes you seem more stubborn and ornery than open and willing to try something new. =\

If you want me to be blunt: Everything does not have to look homogenous or have the same 50's style like yours does for said style to be considered valid. If that were the case everything in comics and cartoons would still continue to look like faux disney movies and very poor imitations of Chuck Jones/Bob Clampett style looney tunes artwork. I also take umbrage to those who have the attitude that just because they've "been working for 53 thousand years on this stuff you cant teach me anything new nor get me to accept anything that's different from the established norm."

Don't get it confused now. Theres a reason that the ESTABLISHED norm is "established" in the first place. The classic stuff is classic and beloved for a reason. But if you don't experiment with different styles and try new things and you always knock them because they look childish and or simple and/or whatever other excuse you want to make, then you'll just continue to live in a neverending, never changing box. I'm not trying to be ugly or cruel with this post in response, but I'd rather look at many boxes and make my own decisions, and if I wind up hating yam roll when it premieres it will not be because "it doesn't look like what I'm used to" but because I sat down, watched it, formed my own opinion about it rather than looking at everything I see with classic-colored glasses.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous T.E. LLitlikeitis said...

Mr. Emslie?... Did you steal those drawings of yours from a past issue of Esquire??(I swear i've seen that style before...) Way to be original.

And please dont knock Yammy.. At least he has the decentcy to look different from all the "generic" shows that are out there now(I'm looking at you Teletoon!)

And who know's, maybe CN will appreciate funny, original programming. Which CBC failed to see.

This one's for Yammy! *Ziiing!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Kevy Metal said...

Billy Zeats? You should give that hard workin' fella a raise... or if you have already, give him a bigger office... Maybe YOUR office, Mr. I...

6:55 PM  

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