Monday, October 30, 2006

Super Blooper!

Wow! Have I got some funny stuff for you today! I'm actually still laughing as I type this. Allow me to explain... Normally, our scripts are written with the dialogue in the center of the page and the action descriptions aligned to the left. (Check this post out for reference: Tales From the Script) For some reason, somebody made a word-processing error and centered the descriptive text rather than leaving it left aligned. When the actor playing Yam Roll stepped into the booth with his script he read off his lines as he had always done. The people in the recording booth couldn't figure out what he was reading but once they pieced together that the typing error had been made, they decided to keep the lines in the show because it was just so freakin funny!
Click this and see what I'm talking about! Ep.4A - High Heeled Heel
The part in question begins a little after 2:45 into the clip. The first line that's out of place is "They swoop off!" Man, that's funny!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Remember Me?

God, I missed you guys! My prolonged absence is inexcusable and I sincerely hope that one of you tracks me down and gives me the beating I deserve. How have you all been? Anything new in your lives? Well I've mostly been busy with as I'm sure you've realized from the most recent posts. Check out this link for tons of Yam Roll downloads including wallpapers, screenshots, and audio clips!

Hope that keeps you busy for a while.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


HEY! Get back here! Seems as though many of you are only visiting when there's a fight in the schoolyard. Do we need to find another disgruntled character designer to insult us to get your attention? If so, I think that can be arranged.
Whatever the case, once we have your attention, we'd like you to know that you can see all of your favourite Yam Roll episodes on They are currently being released on a weekly basis for your viewing pleasure. You'll find plenty of other content there as well but all of you Yam fans should help us beat out Chilly Beach in the web hits. Tell all of your friends to do the same and we'll see just how great the Happy Kingdom population is. I'll let you know tomorrow how much of an impact you've made. Unless the number is embarassing...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Sweetest Broadband Comedy Portal on Earth!

HEY! Remember me? I know I haven't been very attentive to your needs but things have been very busy around here. Why, you ask? THAT'S WHY! Check it out! All of the Yam Roll episodes will eventually be available for viewing on this site and also downloadable to your video Ipod! Check back there on a daily basis and make sure everyone you've ever met does the same. is the sweetest broadband comedy portal on Earth! That fact will be common knowledge by approximately noon tomorrow so if you want to be one of the first to say it, now's your only chance. Blog on, Blogsters!