Monday, November 20, 2006


Now that I've got you all salavating from the title I feel you are sufficiently lubricated to fire this load of information at you... There is a new Yammie episode in the works!! The script has been written and the fun pack designs (done by our very own Ariel Villaverde. Master of all things Yam. Well...most things.) are posted exclusively here at the Super Fun Happy Yam Roll Blog. It was pretty tough to acquire the rights to show this to you today so I sure hope you appreciate it! Word on the streets of Happy Kingdom is that this new ep will air on in the not-so distant future. As your God of all things Yam, I vow to keep you posted with whichever information my omnisentience stumbles upon first. wait... that doesn't make any sense. But I KNEW that!
Anyway dudes, enjoy the designs and keep your quiverring fingers crossed that the show comes sooner than later. Let your backbone slide!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Black and White Review

Here's what one excited Portugeuse fan has to say about his favourite episode of Black and White:
"My mother always counted of my foreign grandmother, who was in the window, taking coffee with milk and smoking its cigarettes, crying out for the staff in the street, "Hey! What ploughs you doing " or in the telephone, where the repertoire was the same, "Hey, what ploughs you doing" Benditos the simple ones of idea that of them will be the kingdom of skies. :P"
I'm not sure how accurate this translation program is but thanks for the high praise, sir!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Brand New Izen Show (Yam Roll who?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, have a seat and open up your ears to this glorious announcement which I am about to bestow upon you. Sir Jon Izen Esq. has created a brand new series the likes of which the animation world has never seen. If you are not immediately blown away and sent into a sezuire of overwhelming glee and astonishment then you officially are incapable of human emotion. This is without a doubt the most cinematographically breathtakingly gorgeous piece of filmmaking and storytelling to come out of the entertainment industry since the early 90s when one Whitney Houston gave her fictional love to never better Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard. Click the following link and sit down in the wheelchair you are about to be confined to for the rest of your life. There is no coming back from the beauty and absolute hilarity to follow. I now wear my sunglasses at night. So I can... So I can.
Good bye.

Black and White!