Thursday, December 21, 2006

As Seen on The Yam Roll Blog!

Hello friends and a Mappy Hannukmas to you all!
I have followed the star of David here to this manger bringing with me gifts of plush, stuffing, and sushi. THE YAM ROLL PLUSH TOY IS HERE! GO! Tell it on the mountains!
That's right kiddies, now you can get your very own stuffed Yam Roll like you've seen all over this blog!
I'm so excited I can't even speak! ...let alone TYPE!

Link to the iLaugh store!

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Travelling Yamburry!

Yam Roll has once again been spotted across the globe. Judging by the images, I'd say that he took a trip to the Baja Penninsila! Poor guy. I bet ya he misses the -15 degree celcius weather we're currently experiencing here in Canada. Although, of course, Yammy is from the Happy Kingdom... But I can't find any weather reports for that particular city. Alright I'm done talking. Look at the pictures.